SERMON NOTES (July 26, 2015): The True Worship War: Inspiration or Inhibition? - John 4:7-26

SERMON NOTES (July 26, 2015): The True Worship War: Inspiration or Inhibition? - John 4:7-26

Notice: Her Questions & His Response
1.       Her ethnicity vs knowledge of gift- well water
2.       Her traditions vs acceptance of gift – running water
3.       Her morality vs sin’s exposure – running spring
4.       Her religion vs spiritual truth – fountain source
5.       Her faith vs Jesus’ identity – I AM He

Background: 5 Functions: Acts 2:42-47, not just 2:2-7

John Piper, in his well-known book Let the Nations Be Glad, wrote this about worship: Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exist because worship does not.
          Current Cultural Worship Wars

"Can you see it? The atmosphere is charged with excitement and expectation of what’s about to happen. There are animated gifs on the powerpoint screens counting down the seconds until the ambient music starts. A young band enters from stage left and take their places while the choir creates a living silhouette against the color-coordinated display of lights and clothes. A hush falls over the crowd as the worship leader steps to the mic and asks the seated participants to stand, to put their hands in the air and to sing it out to create a welcoming place for the Holy Spirit’s hopeful visit. The song lyrics reflect a personal need in the midst of doubting, some encouragement over regret or defeat. Maybe a song or two about God loving me so much that His existence is all about fulfilling my pleasure. Anything to make our feelings as comfortable as the overstuffed theatre seats in the room. Somebody whispers to their neighbor,” We’re about to have church.”"

-          Current Internal Worship Wars

  I.                    True Worship is Alive (4:7-10)
a.       “Living Water” – vs 10. The Living Christ
b.      Social Interaction Alone Cannot Create Inspiration Needed for True Worship

 II.    True Worship Needs Nothing External (4: 11-14)
           a.       “Well of water springing up to eternal life”
Decently & In Order- 1 Cor 14:40
                     b. Rituals Alone Cannot Create Inspiration Needed for True Worship

III.    True Worship Requires Repentance & Testimony (4:15-18)
a.       “Go call your husband” vs. 16 – straight to the heart of sin
b.      “this you have truly said” vs. 18 – confession & repentance
c.       Morality Judgment:
d.    Morality Alone Cannot Create Inspiration Needed for True Worship

IV.     True Worship is Independent of Location (4:19-21)
a.       “Neither in this mountain”
b.      “Nor in Jerusalem” –vs 21
c.       Physicality in Locale:
d.   Aesthetics Alone Cannot Create Inspiration Needed for True Worship

V.                  True Worship is Christo-centric (4:22-26)
a.       “In Spirit” (inspiration) vs 23
b.      “In Truth” (uninhibited by lies) vs 23
c.       “Jesus said, ‘I AM He’” vs 26
d.      Encounter with Messiah:
                                    “Left her water jug” changes our state & purpose – life-altering (Altar?)  

LifeWay Research’s Transformational Church Research Project showed that of all churches that were seeing regular, consistent transformation in the lives of people who made up those churches, more than 75 percent either strongly or moderately agreed that they see evidence of God changing lives as a direct result of their worship services or their worship experiences.
e.   Encounter with Jesus fills worshipper with the Holy Spirit, uninhibited & unhindered to do work called.

SERMON NOTES (July 19, 2015): What is a Pastor Supposed to Do? - Acts 20:17,28; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Tim 3:1-7

What is a Pastor Supposed to Do?
Position, Relation & Function of a Church Leader
Acts 20:17,28; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Tim 3:1-7

Three Biblical Terms:
       OverseerEpiscopos (POSITION); Acts 20:28, Titus 1:7; 1 Tim 3:1
       ElderPresbuteros (RELATION); Acts 20:17; Titus 1:5
       ShepherdPoimen (FUNCTION); Acts 20:28;

I.                    A Pastor is to occupy the vantage point of seeing God’s plan (wisdom), seeing God’s people (care), and seeing God’s enemies (guard)
a.       Needs time to seek God first; faith time
b.      Needs face time with people
c.       Needs authority to preach the word with such force that God’s enemies flee; no foot hold for Satan (grumbling, disobedience in stealing tithes, passive-aggressive hall talk)

II.                  A Pastor is to be relationally older; spiritually more mature; generationally a discipler. (2 Tim 2:2)
a.       Pastor in Russia wouldn’t ordain deacon as next pastor because he was too young (82 & 59).
b.      My "best" sermons on raising a family were before I had kids (I'm being facetious).

III.                A Pastor is to provide service ministry in leadership for the flock.
a.       Problem with our consumer culture: customer is always right. Church member is not a customer; pastor is not a hireling (see John 10:11-13).
b.      Irony: He is also one of the flock; pastor’s family is part of the church. The old quote "Preacher’s kids always the worst…"
c.       No CEO, No Super Hired Holy Men, Flock doesn’t pay the preacher (God does); Levitical role; Being will to die for the flock. Not hired but called. Called for life.

Paul said the true badges of our ministry are the ones we disciple (1 Cor 9:12); this is a CALLING by God to ministry that no one else can duplicate (see also 2 Tim 1:9; Acts 9:15; Acts 13:2).

 He said the true apologetics of our ministry is which personal rights we surrender in order to spread the gospel (1 Cor 9:3, 12); this is a COST, but no loving sacrifice is in vain (see also Luke 14:28; Matt 8:20).

 The true compulsion of our ministry is our inability to stay silent while people need the Lord (1 Cor 9:16); this requires a COMMITMENT, holding strong to the end, knowing that He is with us (see also Luke 9:62; 2 Tim 2:3-7; 1 Tim 4:15).

 The true reward of our ministry is our sacrificial offering even when we feel we deserve more (1 Cor 9:18); this requires CONSECRATION, staying clean to be useful in His service (see also 2 Tim 2:20-21; 1 Tim 4:12; Tit 1:7-9). RA Pledge: “Keep myself clean in mind and body”.
CF. “I do all things for the sake of the gospel, so that I may become a fellow partaker of it” (1 Cor 9:23).

Testimony of Fidget: Almost Aborted. Bio mother died, drug addict. God hid her license. Raised adopted. Studying to be pastor. PASTOR: Abortion to Adoption.

Testimony of Quest: Almost Suicide. Tragic divorce, step-father cruel, step-father molested Quest’s sister, hated. Unofficially “Adopted” by Toad’s Dad, loved, led to Christ, discipled, Bio father found Jesus. Now godly relationship. PASTOR: Suicide to Disciple.

Testimony of JP & Josh: Lost in Moscow. 

Praying for Your Pastors
       Pray for His Position: SPIRITUAL VISION
       Pray for His Relation: SERVANT LEADERSHIP
       Pray for His Function: SACRIFICIAL PROTECTION

Conclusion: Who do you pastor?

SERMON NOTES (July 12, 2015): Ekklesia -Matt 16:13-19


Text: Matt 16:13-19 (You don't Come to, Go to , Have…Church; you ARE the Church)

The Church is…
  • Organic – “living” vs. 16
  • Structural – “build” vs. 18
  • Missional – “loose on earth” vs. 19

I.                    The Church is Called OUT – Organic Aspect of Jesus
Definition of Ekklesia –  ek – out (ie. external)  klesia – from kaleo (called)  
Ancient Greece – Assembly of the Democratic Participants. 
Old English/German “kirk” – Greek “kurios” (Lord)
Matthew 16:16 – “The Christ, the Son of the Living God” (Called Out By the Lord)
1 Pet 2:9 – “called out of darkness into His wonderful light”

II.                  The Church is Called Together – Structural Aspect
Matt 16:18 – “I will build My church”
Heb 10:25 – “don’t forsake assembly of yourselves together” (episynagogue)
1 Cor 1:9 “called into fellowship with His Son”

III.                The Church is Called to Go – Missional Aspect
Matt 16: 19 – “loose on earth
1 Peter 2:21 – “called to follow His steps”
Matt 28:18-20 – “going, make disciples”

IV.                The Church is Called to BE – Organic Aspect of Jesus’ Bride
Romans 1:7 – “called to be saints”
1 Cor 1:2 – “called to be His holy people”
Gal 5:13 – “called to live in freedom”
2 Tim 1:9 – “called to holy life

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